Game Over

Falling Cubes
Original speed
While game started, cubes will be falling automatically. Rotate and move cubes to pile up them. While a line is full, the line will be eliminated. At last there is no idle space then game is over. Score is the number of eliminated lines.

Original speed: The delay time (milliseconds) on every step while the cubes falling. The value be bigger, the falling be more slowly.

Accelerator: While a line is eliminated, the delay time will be minus by this value. So the falling will be quicker and quicker if it is bigger than zero.If set to zero, the falling speed will be fixed.

On Computer:
← move left. Press and hold, move continuously.
→ move right,the same as above.
↑ rotate clockwise
↓ rotate anticlockwise
Ctrl - hold to fall quickly
Space - drop to the bottom immediatly

You also can use the mouse device to control the cubes just like on Mobile/Pad.

On Mobile/Pad:
Touch the falling cubes (or uppper or below of it) to rotate it clockwize.
Touch left area to move it left, right area to move right. Touch and hold, cubes move continuously.
Touch the shadow cubes or bottom area to make falling cubes get in the bottom directly.

Tetris was invented by lexey Pajitnov in 1984.